Farewell, Volvo Wagons

A silver Volvo wagon of 1980's vintage rests curbside, weeping of the end of its noble line.

They might stop making new Volvo wagons, but older models like this one will transport hippies and hipsters alike for decades to come.

Yesterday, the fine folks over at Jalopnik got their hands on a Volvo memo revealing that the automaker was going to be exiting the station wagon business it has dominated for the last 50-odd years by 2011.  Today they have a touching retrospective that brought back a lot of fond memories of sitting in that “way-back” rear-facing seat and waving at cars behind us.

It’s not all bad news though. There’s no time like the present to get your hands on a Volvo V70 or V50 wagon. These babies are the last of a storied breed (in the US at least, they’ll still be available in Europe for a while), and thus destined for collector’s item status. Maybe. Regardless, they’ll be missed, so pour out one of whatever they drink in Sweden (PunschGlögg? Ikea?) for your old friend the Volvo wagon tonight.

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