Don't Say We Didn't Warn You…

Think Geek's fake-for-now iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

This will be real by Christmas. Trust us.

So, everything we warned you about yesterday? We were right. This April Fools’ stuff is really getting out of hand. We were going to try to round it all up for you, but there’s already too much. What’s more Engadget‘s already done a decent job of it. As expected, the Google properties are “fooled up” in full force, with Google renaming itself Topeka and YouTube going all ASCII. While this does little to quell our lament for the increasing proliferation of lame “pranks” on the web (protect yourself!), it is worth noting that today is also when some of the more creative forces on the Internet really shine.

Take Woot, for example. While their product descriptions are hilariously honest and generally full of fantastic references, they’ve outdone themselves today, presenting “Woot Your Own Adventure” where you can click through a hilarious interactive story that references numerous text adventure classics and genre tropes, with the product on each page cleverly (if ridiculously) woven into the story. If you only look at one April Fools’ Day item today, make it this one.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that at least one of ThinkGeek‘s fake products this year, the iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet, is destined to become an actual product by this holiday season at the very latest. Mark our words.

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