Do Goats Really Eat Cans? Juggle Investigates (kind of)

An incredibly cute baby goat takes a tentative step

This little fella just can't wait until he's big enough to eat a can! Or "can" he? Zing!

Sometimes, late at night when we’re falling asleep, we have questions. It’s ok. Everyone does it and it’s perfectly healthy. All too often though, once we’re awake the next morning, we forget what was so important the night prior. Well, friends, this ends today, with a new series called Juggle Investigates. In these posts we’ll take to a question that might be trivial now, but sure seemed (somewhat) important for the 30 seconds before you feel asleep and kind of answer it based on our incredible Internet searching powers. Today’s invesitgation: do goats really eat cans?

Well, do they? (Unrelated: if you haven’t seen the YouTube video of the fainting goats, watch it now and come back. You’re welcome.) Just about every cartoon goat seems to love tin cans. Jeb the goat from Disney‘s Home on the Range comes to mind as a ready example, as do numerous other animated goats. However, we’re sad to report that we’ve yet to come across evidence of real goats eating cans. The Wikipedia entry further rains on the parade by noting that goats are “browsers” which means they’ll lick and/or chew on just about anything to make sure it’s not some kind of delicious plant. Metafilter also came in handy (as it so often does) explaining that goats may be associated with cans because at one point they were known for eating the paper labels off of cans and exploring them with their tongues for any traces of leftover food. It’s quite well-documented that goats love eating paper, so this theory seems plausible.

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