Woot-Off In Progress, Juggle Cracks the Woot-Off Code

A carved circular stone that served as a solar calendar in an ancient central American civilization.

Even this ancient stone calendar knows that the 4th Tuesday of every month marks a Woot-Off.

Tuesday marked exactly four weeks since the last Woot-Off, and as expected, a new Woot-Off began yesterday. While we’re all about the magic of the Woot-Off, it really does start to lose something if it becomes so predictable. Woot-Offs are fun, but much of that fun is the serendipitous surprise factor behind them. If everyone knows when a Woot-Off is going to happen (the next one will be on or around June 22nd), it loses a lot of its magic. What’s more, it becomes just another monthly occurrence. You know, like the arrival of the cable bill or housing start numbers. While we’re still desperately and nonsensically lusting after our Bags of Crap (check out this site for some help snagging one), we also have to say that the thrill of the Woot-Off is beginning to fade. Woot is clearly full of fun and creative people, though, so hopefully they’ve realized this as well and are taking action to recapture the Woot-Off magic. At the very least they need to be fewer and farther between, but our esteem for Woot is such that we’d not be surprised to see some kind of revolutionary Woot-Off 2.0 that’s beyond all our wildest dreams. Maybe it could even interface with Farmville! (We kid. Maybe.)

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