Not-At-All Surprising News Flash: Justin Bieber Looks Just Like a 27 Year-Old Woman

A photo of 27 year-old bar patron "Katie" alongside one of 16 year-old musical performer Justin Bieber

One of these people is a 16 year-old international superstar. The other is a 27 year-old woman at a tourist bar in Maryland. We can't tell which is which either. (photo: TMZ)

Something crazy went down in Ocean City, Maryland last weekend. Of course, out in “the OC” (Don’t call it that!), crazy stuff is always going down, but this was even crazier than normal since it involved a real live celebrity. As the crack celebrity investigative team at TMZ reports, Ocean City police raided the Mug & Mallet after numerous bar patrons reported that none other than Justin Bieber was putting down beers with the tourists. Alas, it wasn’t the 16 year-old record company creation and quasi-hoax, but instead a 27 year-old woman named Katie who rocks the same haircut. Even more hilarious than the overall mix-up, though, is that the Ocean City cops didn’t initially believe that Katie wasn’t really Justin (they backed off when she produced her ID). We’re also obligated to note that Justin Bieber won’t be coming to Maryland until September, when he’s headlining at the State Fair.

Here’s the line of thought the cops needed to subscribe to in order to get to that point: imagine that you’re a huge celebrity for no apparent reason, and you’re inexplicably drinking at a tourist bar on the boardwalk in Maryland. You know that you’re well underage and that people will certainly recognize you, so naturally you’ve come up with a story to tell in case you’re hassled by the local constabulary, and that story is that you’re not you! It’s all just a big misunderstanding because you’re really 11 years older and a woman!

Many, many people have had to make up stories to explain their underage drinking the cops over the years, but we’re pretty sure that exactly no one in the teenage boy demographic has ever employed the “it’s not me but rather a much older woman” ruse. Then again, the Ocean City police might have heard a few more of these stories than us, so who’s to say? The boardwalk there does look pretty crazy, and for underage drinkers of an intellectual bent, the whole thing could be an embodiment of the Maryland state motto: manly deeds, womanly words. Still, we’re not convinced the Ocean City coppers weren’t trained at the Police Academy, in which case shouldn’t they be raiding the Blue Oyster?

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  1. Bart says:

    The headline should read opposite. 27 year old woman looks like Justin Bieber.

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