PSA: A New NBA Season Has Started

A regular-season NBA game in Boston featuring the Boston Celtics

If an NBA game is played in October, does anyone care?

Notice something in the air since Tuesday? Have things just felt a little different than before? You’re not alone. That change you’re feeling is the start of another NBA season.

That’s right, a mere four months after the Lakers beat the Celtics in game seven to capture the 2010 NBA Championship, professional basketball is back. You’d be excused if you didn’t notice, because it’s still October and–sorry, NBA–no one really cares. Have you even seen an early-season NBA game? We can’t remember the last time we saw one before Christmas. A quick look at ESPN‘s NBA broadcast schedule reveals that things only ramp up after January.

We’d forgive the NBA for getting off to a slow start if at any point the regular season got exciting. While there may be moments of excitement, however, for the most part the season’s about getting rested and healthy for the playoffs where the games actually matter. This fatal NBA flaw leads us to our real beef, which is that for most of the season NBA players aren’t really trying. Sure, this has been a problem since at least the release of Airplane!, but in a 30 team league having 16 teams make the playoffs is not a recipe for a meaningful regular season.

Look no further than college or professional football and you’ll see how wonderfully intense the games are when each one matters. The NBA playoffs are a prime example of this. The NBA regular season is the opposite. The NBA playoff bar is so low that a long regular season doesn’t help anyone. The regular season TV ratings echo this. Most importantly, the public knows this too. A Google Battle handily settles the matter in favor of the NBA season being too long.

Since the Internet has spoken, we’ll end our NBA talk here and now. Barring something absolutely crazy or otherwise noteworthy taking place, we’ll make like everyone else and pledge not to notice the NBA again until 2011.

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