Raise the Bar on Home Bars

Norm and Cliff from TV's "Cheers"

We're pretty sure if you have a picture of Norm and/or Cliff at your bar you'll automatically win just about any contest.

Here at Juggle, we’re no strangers to the home bar scene. In fact, we love it so much we have a bar in Juggle HQ. Really, there’s nowhere better to host a Christmas party or even better, a New Year’s Eve party than a home bar–the price is usually right and last call’s whenever you want it. We’ve also had trouble finding “real” bars where you can crash on the couch.

As operators of our own private watering hole, we’re naturally curious as to what others have set up, so we wandered the web to see. Boy are we glad we did, because in doing so we learned that a little site called PintGlasses.com is sponsoring a search for the best home bar, aptly called the Best Home Bar Contest. While we’re pretty partial to our office bar, it’s pretty apparent from the photos that it’s not in a house, so we’ll be forgoing an entry. Also, we’re not sure we’d be able to share the $100 worth of PintGlasses.com merchandise we’d win for coming in first. (In the extremely unlikely event of Juggle finishing second, we’d get $50 worth of loot.)

So with us out, we’re excited to see what others submit. It’s not even to late to build your own bar and enter (the deadline is December 31st), so here are some ideas you might want to consider.

  • The Tiki Bar
    A classic 1950's basement Tiki Bar
    This classic bar design never really goes out of style, although it says “boozy fruit drinks” more than it says beer. That’s OK by us, especially considering an anonymous member of the Juggle team once had a full Tiki Bar setup in their apartment. The example here is elaborately perfect in about 50 different ways, but we especially love the stools. Despite its “exotic” inspiration, something about a bar like this makes us proud to be American and extremely proud of the 21st Amendment.
  • The “Retro” Bar
    A 1950's-style home bar complete with neon lights and an old pay phone
    Sure, it looks like the innocent malt shop from Back to the Future (“Lou, give me a milk. Chocolate.”), but when you’ve got it stocked with booze it becomes a portal back to a simpler time, when things were chrome and there were lots of neon lights. We love the popcorn machine here and hope that the old-timey Coke machine is actually stocked with bottled beer.
  • The Home Pub
    A home bar made to look like a traditional pub
    You know those old pubs that have been around forever and really feel like home the moment you walk in? Imagine having one in your home! To us, a home bar like this is the ultimate luxury. There’s something incredibly inviting about a heavy wood bar with a mirror in the back and the booze arrayed before it. Even without stools we’re pretty sure that drinks made in this bar just taste better. A bar like this would almost make us feel bad about helping ourselves. Almost.

When (not if!) you build your home bar, or especially if you already have one, consider entering the PintGlasses.com contest, if only to satisfy our selfish desire to see what’s out there when they post the winners. If you’re a home bar proprietor, it’s probably worth it for a shot at the $100 worth of pint glasses. They’re sturdy as hell, but we still go through far too many here at Juggle HQ, and we haven’t even had our Christmas and New Year’s parties yet…

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