Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to Be Released November 2011

Screen shot from "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare"

Few things excite the masses like an announcement of a new video game.

According to a report in the LA Times, a third installment in the Modern Warfare series is set to be released in November 2011. Sources are unnamed but they are cited as being people who are “in the know.”

The LA Times article says that Infinity Ward, the creator of the Call of Duty series, has teamed with developer Sledgehammer Games to help finish Modern Warfare 3 by the end of this year. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, with the direction of Activision, are believed to be collaborating on the single-player platform. Raven Software is believed to be working on multi-player platforms.

The relationship between Activision and Infinity Ward has been a turbulent one, to put it simply. A round of firings at Infinity Ward last March caused concern in the gaming community that they may not be able keep up with annual release schedules. However, they have proven otherwise with the release of  Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was the best selling game of 2010, though many in the gaming community consider it a disappointment. I personally think 2009′s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 outshines Black Ops with fundamentally better game play.

Looking forward, Sledgehammer seems to be a savvy group of FPS (first-person shooter) developers. Combined with the dedication of Infinity Ward, I predict they will make the November deadline complete with incessant ad campaigns and a lot of buzz about Modern Warfare 3.

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  1. gautam says:

    Modern Warfare 3 might be the best game of the year for 2010. but however, modern warfare 1 might be to good to out shine. modern warfare 1 was simple good guns gameplay and awesome online. modern warfare 2 was not what i expected it was a dissapointment to me and i hatted it. black ops was so far better than MW2 because it had zombies and wager matches which were excitinting. i just wise that they make modern warfare 3 just like modern warfare 1.

    1. giggity says:

      well call of duty don’t have to have zombies it is a war game, not a zombie game if u wanna play a zombie game just play “left for dead”.

  2. cornelius says:

    I just hope MW3 is not rushed like Call of Duty Black Ops was. Has anyone heard anything new, the only information I could find on Modern Warfare 3 Anyone know of any other places?

  3. ryan says:

    comando!!! nuke!!! no hacking!!! thats all i ask for

    1. TriqqaTrey3 says:

      i hate commando! but i love the commando gun!

  4. johnblahblah says:

    i hope infinity ward makes call of duty mw3. PLEASE no hacking or cheaters allowed! if its anything like mw2 ill be getting it for sure because black ops sucks!!

  5. Kthom6 says:

    if they want to make MW3 a huge hit, they put Wager Matches, Zombies and Combat training in it instead of those stupid Spec ops in MW2. I honestly played 2 of them and got sick of them because they weren’t that exciting.. And limit the grenade launchers.. those are soo depressing when you continuously get killed by them

  6. johnblahblah says:

    Keep the Nuke, remove the Heartbeat Sensor, Quick Scoping One Man Army and add more guns, thats all i ask for. Cant wait to pre order MW3!

  7. xxBorlandxx says:

    i hope for throwback graphics from MW1, with all the same guns and attachments. but with moderized maps, all the perks of mw2, and the wepons should be changed, bring in all the guns from Mw1, W@W, MW2, and BO!

  8. joito413 says:

    People, you have understand MW2 is the best game of the world.Look I had killed by snipers(Quick Scoping)a lot,but thats OK. I’m not good with the sniper but they have to be careful because somebody can be near them with the “RANGERS”. So anyway and the only thing I can tell you about black ops is I waste my money and time that first day. Please hurry with MODERN WARFARE 3 I can’t wait.

  9. Frankey says:

    Al I ask for is better maps, guns including the gall camando and g11 pluse and new nuketown and other stuff.

  10. johnblahblah says:


  11. Fps addict says:

    The number one problem with all call of duty games is LACK OF DEDICATED SERVERS. Billions were made off of these games and they too gready to give back to their customers what they deserve, a lag free game where games are one because of skill not because the losing teams head shots werent registered by the crappy host and not because of cheap tricks such as quick scoping. To be hones, maps as small as they are on COD do not warrant sniper rifels. Other games that I wont mention take fair advantage of these guns by allowing the sniper to make 300+ yard shots and you actually have to take into effect the natural drop of a bullet at long ranges. And if you put a gun in a game that is capable of making 2700 yard shots (the intervention) dont use them for 30 yard man hunting. These bullets travel so fast that a leg hit would blow it off. Anyway sorry for the rant I just think we deserve better gameplay from a so called “best fps.”

    1. treyarchblows says:

      i agree! you think a billion dollar game would spend a little pocket change on some dedicated servers, now im no nerd or professional online gamemaker, but i have enough common sense to know that a game that has made over a billion dollars on one game can take a little time to make sure the online play isnt a COMPLETE joke! Treyarch cares more about the voices and the sayings and all the little stupid shit that doesnt matter to us gamers, instead of making the game legit and hows it made to be played! EX. Puttin a whole clip into someones chest, and them not dieing and then they shoot you 2 times and you die??????? wtf treyarch, or how bout you get a halfway good game going and op of course, Connection Interuption. wth???? treyarch YOU SUCK and i will never give you another DIME! Come on MW3~~~!

  12. Fps addict says:

    But I will say the best COD to date is MW1.

  13. TriqqaTrey3 says:

    I think the new modern warfare should make you be able to change your m16 to an automatic or any other gun to burst/semi-automatic! and every gun and map should be on the game! and no commando knifing from 30 feet away!

    1. treyarchblows says:

      well you could be like the other 10 million people that like to cheat, and buy rapid fire controllers and use lag switches, for some reason it makes people feel good about themselves. But on the other hand, i do totally agree on the stabbing! black ops sometimes seems like it has super commando X 5…i mean realllly? just because your holding a ballistic knife doesnt mean you survive 25 AK47 bullets to your face and you slide 30 feet across the map and stab someone and get the kill… much more obvious can you make it!!!

  14. Ryan(Critic) says:

    I own every single call of duty from finest hour to black ops. I’ve watched the games evolve. I can say that Black Ops was and is an extreme disappointment. The maps suck the guns suck and the capping is extremely difficult to understand. The smgs after the ak74-u are all the same. The best level of black ops single player was the one where your in Khe Sanh. The multiplayer is glitchy and terrible. And I saw better graphics in Call of Duty:Big Red One. Now modern warfare 1 had great campaign but online was terrible. Worse then black ops. The only reason I put the black ops disc in is to play Nazi zombies. Now in all my years of a videogame critic I’ve never been more thrilled then with moder warfare 2. The campaign is amazing if not ingenious with the plot of America being invaded. Multiplayer is absolutely flawless. I love the attachments. I’d pick a noob tube over a flamethrower attachment anyday! CodMod:2 is simply amazing and flawless I hope mw3 will be just as good!

    1. Ryan(Critic) says:

      I apologize I’m typing on an iPod

  15. Gallo says:

    More zombies!!!!!! Left 4 dead ain’t close to being as exciting as call of duty zombies!!! And make it ps move compatible!!!

    1. eon says:

      ^^^^ more zombies. this guys cool. mw3 goto have zombies.

  16. casey says:

    ok well i have replyed on a few of these comments and some of you guys are looking in the right direction like i said earlier the reason why mw2 did not have zombies was because it was made by infinity ward and w@w and black ops is made by treyarch that is why they had zombies no infinity ward i think has done better with the sound and graphics than treyarch i love mw2 i love every thing about it even the nukes because you can really get them legitly those people that started the headshots to get the nukes ruined it for every body because now it is almost impossible to get the nuke legitly noob tubes and rpgs was the stupidest idea ever there is no point in killing your self to get maybe one or two kills now black ops i liked the idea of all the new game modes online like wager matches and just different stuff than the origanal TD and S&D and FFA i also liked the idea of the money for your weapons, attachments, paint jobs, perks, kill streaks, etc i like to work for every thing in the game i also like the fact of being able to customize your weapon with so much choice good job treyarch i hope that infinity ward and sledgehammer take a little bit of that and put on the mw3 reply what you think about this guys give me some of your opinions

  17. Aaron Mitchell says:

    Honestly guys! I agree with the fact that the modern warfare games were better coded and suited for reasonable online play. But i would like to also add that treyarch did a wonderful job of mixing things up. I honestly love theater mode and wager matches and that is all that i play. Nothing is more satisfying than learning from film how someone better than you plays,or the fast paced play of wager matches. I think for mw3 to be a success they will have to incorporate new game formats that are just as exciting and they def will fail if they dont have theater mode.

  18. Scott says:

    I’d have to agree that MW3 will most certainly be game of the year, and if things go right will outsell Black Ops, though this might prove hard to do. After all, Black Ops is the best selling game of all time…

    Either way I’m looking forward to playing the latest installment.