Rumors of iPhone Nano Resurface

New iPhone rumors swirl

Buzz never stops with the iPhone franchise.

Recently in a Bloomberg article citing “people who have been briefed on plans”, Apple Inc. is developing a smaller iPhone which will compete more directly with Google Android phones. The rumored iPhone Nano would be one-third smaller than iPhone 4 and may only cost $200 without a service plan. Right now, the iPhone 4 costs a gut-punching $599 without a plan. According to sources, Apple intends to launch a series of these smaller, more affordable phones.

Additionally, the new line of iPhones may work on Universal SIM technology which allows the owner to easily switch carriers. It would also be compatible with both CDMA and GSM cellular networks. What does this mean? Simply, the phone will work just about anywhere.

These rumors have been around since 2007 and it only makes sense that they’re back, conveniently in the same week as the official Verizon iPhone release. To say when Apple might release the new line of phones would be purely speculative. They could trash the idea just as well. However, there is a simple fact to consider. The Android phone is a strong seller and it behooves Apple to continuously engage the competitor in new ways. If the market were to see a new iPhone model by this summer, I would not be surprised.

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