Boehner and Obama Compromise to Avoid Government Shutdown, Will Resume Verbal Attacks Shortly

Government shutdown, as of 10:59 PM EST on Friday evening, seemed inevitable, as House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and President Barack Obama seemed unable to agree on which cuts would be made to the 2011 fiscal budget. Without such an agreement, Congress would be unable to appropriate funds to the various arms of the government, such as salary payment for soldiers, etc. Then, as the clock dwindled to under an hour before the 12:01 deadline, a short-term compromise was reached, staving off the shutdown and allowing the next steps for long-term budget reconciliation.

Did you ever read those old comic books, or see those old shows, in which the good guys and their enemies had to begrudgingly team up against a common enemy? Like Magneto and Professor X, or Batman and the Joker*? That’s sort of what this was like. And the common enemy between the two parties was everyone hating both their guts for not being able to get a deal done and let the government come to a grinding halt.

House Speaker Boehner, representing a caucus that demanded no cuts in the defense budget but cut funding for several government programs, was able to slash roughly $38.5 billion in cuts, while President Obama was able to keep funding for such programs as Planned Parenthood, while making several cost-cutting measures for defense.

Naturally, Republicans and Democrats each feel cheated now that the shutdown has been avoided and their ears turn back to their vocal constituency. Liberal Democrats clamor that the President gave too much away in government programs to reach a deal, and conservative Republicans, who feel they had to “drag Obama to the discussion,” feel like Boehner compromised conservative principles in the name of bartering an agreement.

It seems that, with the next issue being adjusting the debt ceiling and hearing other deficit reducing proposal, Politics will continue to be Politics, and the mudslinging will commence even before the dust has settled on this new found compromise.

* I’m not a nerd, comic books were are awesome. You’re a nerd.

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