Record Store Day Celebrates the Golden Age of Having To Physically Go Out and Purchase Music From Something Called a ‘Record Store’

"Where am I? What IS this place?" It's called a record store.

Ah, I remember the good old days of music. Not like now, in which technology and its whatchamacallits are running the show.

I remember going to the record store. They didn’t sell records, though. They sold CD’s and sometimes cassette tapes for bands and artists my mom really liked. But that was the golden age, I tell ya what. There was nothing like the feeling of searching through several volumes of haphazardly “organized” CD’s of bands you’ve never heard of, eventually finding your Third Eye Blind album, marching valiantly toward the check out counter, and boldly unfurling from your fanny pack a neatly-folded $20 bill your grandma had given you the night before to purchase the disc and its sweet, sweet late 90′s jams.

But not anymore. Those days are long gone. All I have to do now is search for, gosh, EXACTLY WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR, and purchase it cheaply, loading it to my iPod that I’m able to carry with me everywhere that carries every song I’ve ever wanted to listen to ever. Seems to remove all of allure and fun out of buying overpriced music and replaces it with expedient convenience…

Record Store Day invites everyone, young and old, to reach out and celebrate the lost art of getting away from a computer long enough to go sit in a music store. It began on April 19, 2008, and is celebrated on the third Saturday of every April (so tomorrow). Its aim is to bring celebrated bands, such as Metallica, ZZ Top and Green Day, and unite them with stores that make a majority of their income from the actual storefront merchandise itself, and enriching the forgotten splendor of record store shopping. With California jam-fest Coachella, which features hundreds of concerts from a wide variety of different genres,also coming around this weekend, it promises to be a big one for music lovers, of both the digital and whatever-you-call-not-digital-things age.

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