American Idol Winner Scott McCreery Latest in Long Line of ‘White Boys That Voting Mothers Love To See Win’

Not Scott McCreery, but close enough

Last night, Scott McCreery was voted in as the 10th “American Idol” by fans all across the globe. There was a record amount of participants in this crucial vote, which pitted McCreery against a person whose name has already been forgotten by everyone, who some speculated was in fact more talented than McCreery.

McCreery is the latest in a now long line of who many believe to be undeserving fan favorite champions of “American Idol.” Last year, champion Lee DeWyze triumphed over Crystal Bowersox, the soulful singer who many believed to be vastly more talented than the more-mainstream DeWyze. And the year prior to that, small town boy Kris Allen defeated glampoprock singer Adam Lambert, who many believed, SAY IT WITH ME PEOPLE, was more deserving of the award than Allen.

“American Idol”, being a competition that is determined by fans, is naturally going to crown someone who appeals to more people. However it isn’t necessarily clear that “appeals to more people” translates in to better. It is certain that sometimes, the fans get it right. Champion Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest names in not only country, but music in general. However, with crown after crown going to seemingly undeserving, albeit cute (or so I’m told), boys who likely resemble the main bloc of voters’ teenage sons, the scale seems to be tipped in their favor somewhat…unfavorably.

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