290-pound Man is Too Fat for Seating at White Castle

All Martin Kessman wants to do is enjoy his White Castle burgers in the comfort of a booth at the fast-food joint. The 64-year-old stockbroker from Nanuet, NY is devoted to his White Castle burgers, but has become increasingly mad at the fast-food chain for repeatedly ignoring his complaints about the seating arrangements that don’t seem to support a person of his stature. Weighing in at 290-pounds, Kessman doesn’t think of himself as an exceptionally large man, and claims he hasn’t had any problems finding comfortable seating in other fast-food chains, but White Castle burgers are what his heart desires.

Martin Kessman

No White Castle for you!

Kessman’s first complaint against the company came in April 2009 when he hit his knee against a table’s metal support. This prompted him to write a letter to White Castle’s headquarters to make it known that there weren’t tables and chairs to accommodate a person of his size. White Castle responded to three of Kessman’s letters, each enclosed with coupons for free hamburgers and a promise to expand the seating.

Apparently enough was enough for Kessman, who is now claiming that the uncomfortable booths that have yet to be fixed are a violation of the civil rights of fat people. Not to be confused with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So, who is in the right? Should Kessman and others of his size be allowed to use the judicial system to acquire larger booths at fast-food chains, furthering their waistlines? Or, should fast-food chains own up to the fact that it’s their food that is contributing to the ever-growing waistlines of their devoted customers? Either way, White Castle should have at least thrown in a few coupons for hamburgers with cheese.

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