Mexico proposes 2-year marriage contract

Has it been 24 months already!?

‘Till death do us part…unless of course two years down the road we decide to call it quits.’ That could very well be the attitude of citizens in Mexico who are talking marriage if the proposed legislation passes that will allow married couples the option to sign a marriage contract that is only valid for two years. With almost 50% of couples in Mexico City ending in divorce, and a large majority of these divorces happening within the first 24 months, this seems like a fairly logical solution. Why continue to put money in the pockets of divorce lawyers who feed off of the failed marriages of others? But on the flip side, with divorce rates so high, why would a country want to almost encourage the idea that marriage is no longer a lifelong commitment and divorce truly is the norm.

Call me crazy, but I was raised to believe that marriage was a sacred union between two people who planned on spending the rest of their lives together.  Now, I understand that times have changed and that the US divorce rate is frequently reported at around 50%, yet I still cannot fathom a law being passed that gives people a cop out after just two years. True, this contract would almost wipe out the ‘messy’ parts of a divorce. Predetermining who gets the kids, the house, the car, etc. would take out a lot of the heartache and unnecessary fighting that so often comes with splitting up, but that still doesn’t make it right.

Thankfully, this legislation is only being discussed in Mexico, but the United States isn’t one shy away from adopting a law from another country that seems to be working. So, that leaves us with this question – if this legislation was being proposed in America, would we pass it?

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