Arsenio Hall Crowned Winner of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Clay Aiken has taken second place yet again in his quest for reality show stardom, as the “American Idol” runner-up lost last night to comedian Arsenio Hall on the finale of the latest season of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Arsenio Hall has beaten on Clay Aiken as the latest winner of "Celebrity Apprentice"

The season’s deciding challenge focused on the contestant’s respective charities, with Aiken working for The National Inclusion Project and Arsenio contributing his energies to the Magic Johnson Foundation. The stars were required to stage a charity event for which they had to solicit donations from celebrity friends and create a thirty-second PSA. While Aiken ended up raising more money ($301,500 to Hall’s $167,100), it was Hall who was ultimately crowned winner by Mr. Trump.

Appearing on this morning’s “Today” show on NBC, Arensio Hall told audiences that it was “nice to be number one…All my life I’ve had the number two syndrome, kind of like Clay, that’s why I didn’t let him talk about that without rebutting in that area.” Aiken came in second place to Ruben Studdard on the second season of “American Idol” which aired in 2003. Hall, of noticeably more tenured fame, hosted his own variety/talk show, “The Arsenio Hall Show,” which aired from 1989 to 1994. While both stars are household names, neither has yet to gain the Hollywood recognition for which they hoped.

This time, however, Hall came out as king of the underdogs, winning “Celebrity Apprentice” with an even greater chance for success, as he hopes his victory will help him get another late-night talk show sometime in the near future.

The $167,100 that Hall raised on “Celebrity Apprentice,” plus an extra $250,000 from Trump himself, will all go to the Magic Johnson Foundation. The legendary basketball player tweeted about his friend’s success on the show, saying, “Congratulations to my good friend [Arsenio] on winning [‘Celebrity Apprentice’]. Thank you for representing the Magic Johnson Foundation so well!”

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