The GOP and the Government Shutdown

Is the GOP Shutdown from the Shutdown?

With the latest government shutdown now behind us, we are left with everyone giving their take on its impact. Whether it is those who are attempting to hash out the economic impacts, to those discussing the potential damage to the US Government’s image from countries around the world, there is no shortage of people willing to give their opinion.

In our two-party system, both sides have spent a considerable amount of effort blaming each other for the failures that ultimately caused the shutdown. One angle that I have consistently seen crop up in the news is the “damage” done to the image and popularity of the GOP as a result of the shutdown. The perception being communicated is one where much of the blame for the shutdown rests on the GOP, or more specifically, the Tea Party factions within the GOP. The political infighting has certainly damaged Americans’ confidence in Congress, but has it led to a potential implosion of the GOP?

What do you think? 

Government shutdown exposes the GOP civil war

After 16 days of dysfunction, that cost the country more than $24 billion, cooler heads prevailed to bring the nation back from the brink of economic calamity. government is open for business (for now) and the full faith and credit has been restored with an extension of the debt ceiling. …

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Why the GOP can ignore the brutal government shutdown polls — for now

The party gained nothing from instigating the government shutdown and debt ceiling fights other than a historically low approval rating and a roiling intra-party blame game. In the latest such indicator, a Washington Post/ABC News poll this week found that voters by a large 11-point margin said …


GOP brand damaged following government shutdown: poll

The Washington Post-ABC poll found that 80 percent of those surveyed disapproved of the 16-day shutdown and that 77 percent of those surveyed disapproved of the way congressional Republican handled negotiations over the federal budget. That compared to 54 percent of those surveyed who …

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Susan J. Demas: Government shutdown probably won’t cost GOP congressional seats in Michigan

President Obama won Michigan by 10 points in 2012 and the GOP got the blame for the government shutdown. Demas | Political columnist for By on October 22, 2013 at 8:00 AM, updated The government shutdown was bad for Republicans, but probably not bad enough to cost them any …


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