The New Secession Movement

It’s no secret that there have been some pretty stark differences between the Democrats and the Republicans for quite a while now, which has divided and polarized people throughout the country. In some states, in particular those with a Democratic majority, these differences are more visible than in others. There is huge discontent among Republicans living in Democratic-controlled states, who feel that they are not represented well enough. They are having difficulties accepting a series of new laws, regulations and taxes enforced by the Democrats, with the most troubling issues being related to gun control, abortion, and immigration.

Due to severe political polarization in the U.S., many counties and states are now moving towards secession.

Conservatives who live in predominantly Democratic states believe that the solution to their grievances is seceding and forming their own states. The idea of secession in the United States has been around for a long time, but it has mostly been expressed through states wanting to secede from the country, whereas now, there are counties who want to break off from their states.

There are certain counties in several states, including Maryland, Colorado, Oregon, and California, that have already started talking about secession. The one thing that the secession attempts in these states have in common is that they are initiated by groups formed by conservative activists living in rural areas, who feel isolated and don’t believe their voices are being heard by state governments.

In Maryland, for example, conservatives are not happy with the new environmental regulations and stricter gun laws that the liberals are imposing throughout the state. Scott Strzelczyk, one of the leaders of the secession movement in Maryland, said: “Ultimately we just feel that the people aren’t represented and that we could have a government that better represents us if we were to split off and form our own states”.

The situation in Colorado is very similar to that in Maryland. Talks about secession are especially present in Northern Colorado, where most of the population lives in rural areas, and people there are not convinced that the state’s Democratic leadership has any interest in hearing and addressing their issues. They think that the differences between the urban and the rural population are too great, and the only way for both parties to be happy is to form a new state, where those who have more conservative views would have their say when it comes to laws and policies that have a huge impact on some of the most important aspects of their everyday lives.

Even though these secessionist groups have a lot of valid arguments, it’s highly unlikely that we will see any new states being formed in the near future. In order for that to happen, secessionists would have to get an approval from Congress, in addition to the state lawmakers’ approval, which is extremely difficult.

What do you think? Should Northern Colorado secede and form a new state? Should Republican states secede from the U.S.? Will secession become more and more popular as the country becomes more polarized? Voice your opinions now.

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