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Biggest Food Stamp Cut in US History Took Effect Nov 1. More to Come?

Almost 48 million people in the richest country on Earth are hungry. And the most vulnerable, those receiving food stamps, got even hungrier on November 1st when the program—now called SNAP—was cut by $5 billion nationwide, or about 5.5%. Over … Continue reading


Texas Abortion Law: What’s All the Fuss?

This past summer, you probably heard about the filibuster led by Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, who stood on the floor for 11 hours to try and stop a controversial Texas anti-choice bill called SB5. What makes a Texas Senator stand for … Continue reading


The GOP and the Government Shutdown

Is the GOP Shutdown from the Shutdown? With the latest government shutdown now behind us, we are left with everyone giving their take on its impact. Whether it is those who are attempting to hash out the economic impacts, to … Continue reading


Mexico proposes 2-year marriage contract

‘Till death do us part…unless of course two years down the road we decide to call it quits.’ That could very well be the attitude of citizens in Mexico who are talking marriage if the proposed legislation passes that will … Continue reading

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Colts Struggling Without Manning

As the daughter of an Indiana native, I was born and raised on Indiana basketball, Notre Dame football and Peyton Manning for president. As a St. Louis native, my love for the Colts and all things Manning (yes, that includes … Continue reading


290-pound Man is Too Fat for Seating at White Castle

All Martin Kessman wants to do is enjoy his White Castle burgers in the comfort of a booth at the fast-food joint. The 64-year-old stockbroker from Nanuet, NY is devoted to his White Castle burgers, but has become increasingly mad … Continue reading


USPS Looking for Bailout

Is a life without mail any life at all? This is a question you may have to ask yourself after the USPS announced that given the rate of declining first-class mail volume it will be broke by early next year. … Continue reading


Abercrombie Gets Into a ‘Situation’ With Jersey Shore Cast Member Mike Sorrentino

What happens when one of today’s most controversial clothing companies takes on a star from one of the most controversial television shows on the air? A situation. And that is exactly what Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has found himself in … Continue reading


Ashley Hebert Finds Love on ‘The Bachelorette’

As reality TV continues to take the nation by storm and capture the attention of the young and old, season 7 of ABC’s The Bachelorette still manages to reign supreme and tug on our heartstrings. Despite this season’s Bachelorette finale … Continue reading


Slim and Fast: iPad 2 Is Out

Apple Inc. set the cyber-world ablaze once again with the announcement of iPad 2. Steve Jobs touted the undeniable success of the first-generation iPad in a press conference just a short time ago. He swiftly segued into the newest product … Continue reading