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Week 16 NFL Picks, In Which Christmas Comes Early (Plus Week 15 Results!)

It’s only Thursday, but since the generous Juggle holiday schedule means we have Christmas Eve off, we’re running our football picks today. Lucky you! Also, for various end-of-the-year reasons, we’re taking next week off from posting altogether. This means that this … Continue reading

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Hold All Our Calls-Skype is Down!

The great thing about the Internet is its diversity and the spirit of innovation it promotes. Every single For every Flickr there’s a Picasa or one of a dozen other photo sharing sites. We’ve got AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, … Continue reading

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Raise the Bar on Home Bars

Here at Juggle, we’re no strangers to the home bar scene. In fact, we love it so much we have a bar in Juggle HQ. Really, there’s nowhere better to host a Christmas party or even better, a New Year’s … Continue reading

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Turn Around, Bright Eyes… Total Eclipse of the Moon Tonight!

We’re not going to pretend that we even begin to understand exactly why it will happen, but sometime tonight the moon will turn a bright orangey red. This is because Earth will be directly between the sun and the moon … Continue reading

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Week 15 NFL Picks, In Which We Bask in the Glory of Merril Hoge (Plus Week 14 Results!)

Words we never thought we’d say: “Thank you, Merril Hoge.” Our preliminary conclusion from last week is holding, and though we’ll need the rest of the season to really confirm it, we believe that we’ve found the very best way … Continue reading

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Farewell, Blake Edwards

We’re sad to report that film director Blake Edwards has died at age 88. Known for directing comedies, Edwards famously cast and directed Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther, which of course originated the legendary character of Inspector Clouseau. Edwards also made … Continue reading

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Week 14 NFL Picks, In Which We Claim a Preliminary Victory (Plus Week 13 Results!)

Boom! That’s the sound of a huge 14-2 record last week. It’s also the sound of a “preliminary victory” in our season-long quest to find the easiest way to predict NFL games each week without actually thinking. If you recall, … Continue reading

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Wesley Snipes Reports to Jail

Former famous person Wesley Snipes finally ran out of jail-avoiding tricks and reported to prison in Pennsylvania today. The actor, who you may recall was quite famous in the 1990′s, had been trying to avoid jail since being convicted of not filing … Continue reading

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Google Announces Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook-Here’s How to Get One for Free (Maybe)

Yesterday Google had themselves a big ol’ press event all about their Chrome OS. You may recall that this is Google’s browser-based operating system “for people who spend most of their time on the web.” Not surprisingly, the highlight of … Continue reading

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Take Time This December 7th to Remember Pearl Harbor In All Its Forms

December 7, 1941 remains, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt predicted, a date which lives in infamy. When the naval forces of Japan attacked the US Naval fleet in Hawaii that morning, the attack propelled the United States into one of the … Continue reading

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