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NFL All Mixed Up: RB Ronnie Brown Joins Philadelphia Eagles

Pro-Bowl stand out and former Miami Dolphin running back Ronnie Brown has signed a one-year contract with the now LOADED Philadelphia Eagles. Brown is hoping to revamp his erstwhile-brilliant career, while the Eagles have been snatching up marque players left … Continue reading

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NFL, Players Union Finally Reach Agreement For Pro Football in 2011

The NFL Players Union and the team owners finally came to an agreement Monday, paving the road for professional football in 2011. The NFL Lockout, which began way back in March, pitted the NFL Players Association against the owners of … Continue reading

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Fatal Heat Wave Passing Through Midwest Toward the East Coast

Remember the Good Ole Snowpacalypes and the Snowmeggedons from this past winter? Being under feet upon feet of snow and absolutely LOVING IT? Okay, not really. While it doesn’t seem so long ago everyone was complaining about record a record … Continue reading

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Three Presumed Dead After Waterfall Plunge at Yosemite National Park

It’s been a rough summer for Yosemite National Park. One tourist to the national landmark was recently mauled to death by grizzly bear earlier this month. The incident was the first death by an animal attack since 1986. The attack … Continue reading

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Jonnie Marbles Attacks Rupert Murdoch With a Pie in the Face

I would say “Boy, I knew Rupert Murdoch’s got some pie on his face, but this is ridiculous!” but that’s an old, played, tired joke from decades ago, and no one wants to hear it. The same can be said … Continue reading

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“The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer FINALLY Hits Theaters and the Web

After years since the last Academy Award-winning chapter of the latest Batman franchise, the first teaser trailer for the third and final film, The Dark Knight Rises, has hit theaters and has been leaked in HD on the Internet. Writer … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods-less British Open Halfway Through, Unknowns Glover and Clarke Leading Into the Weekend

The British Open is one of golf’s most hallowed tournaments, indeed, one of the biggest championships in all of sports. Without golf’s former No. 1 player, Tiger Woods, in the mix, the field has been open for newcomers, such as … Continue reading

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2011 Emmy Nominations Are Out: HBO Dominates

The 2011 Emmy Nominations have been released, with some familiar faces as well as newcomers also getting their due. The big story here is HBO and their 104 nominations. That’s one hundred and four nominations. The next closest station was … Continue reading

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USA Womens’ Soccer Beats France 3-1, Advances to World Cup Finals

Don’t worry guys: USA Womens’ Soccer is back on the map. For the first time since the squad won it all way back in 1999, Team USA has advanced to the Womens’ World Cup Finals, defeating the French team in … Continue reading

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MLB All-Star Game Tonight in Phoenix, AZ

The Midsummer Classic, the Major League Baseball All-Star game is tonight from Phoenix, Arizona, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Players from both leagues will travel to the D-Back’s Chase Park in order to compete for a chance at home field … Continue reading

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