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Todd Akin and ‘Legitimate Rape:’ The Controversy in Quotes

By now, most everyone has heard Missouri Congressman Todd Akin’s highly-publicized remarks on abortion and “legitimate rape.” The comments, delivered on local Fox news show “The Jaco Report,” have incurred a wrath of negative backlash from liberals and conservatives alike. … Continue reading

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Universal HIV Treatment: To Pay, or Not to Pay?

To date, 34 million people worldwide are living with the debilitating HIV/AIDS virus, a shocking increase from the 8 million infected in 1990. This statistic, however, is not as entirely daunting as it first sounds. While there are more people … Continue reading

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Earthquakes Rattle the San Francisco Bay Area

This morning, residents of the San Francisco Bay Area were jolted awake by two back-to-back earthquakes, which were reportedly felt as far as 60 miles away from the epicenter. At 5:33 A.M. Tuesday, a magnitude-3.5 earthquake struck roughly eight miles … Continue reading

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Genius Stephen Hawking Admits to Having Trouble With the Ladies

Stephen Hawking, perhaps the most brilliant mind of our generation, has revealed in an interview with New Scientist magazine that there is still one aspect of the world that completely defies his understanding. Hawking, a University of Cambridge physicist and … Continue reading

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Author and Visionary Christopher Hitchens Passes Away at 61

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.” –Christopher Hitchens Yesterday, December 15, 2011, controversial author, journalist, humanist and political activist Christopher Hitchens lost his battle with esophageal … Continue reading

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Could the God Particle Save Our Society?

The age-old battle between religion and science might soon be coming to an end thanks to researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, also called CERN. CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is home to the world’s largest particle accelerator, … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Turkey Reminds Midwesterners of the Fears Lurking in Their Own Backyard

Yesterday around 1:40 P.M. local time, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit about 12 miles from the Turkish city of Van. Its effects and aftershocks left most of the eastern part of the country in utter destruction, with a total of 970 … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Jettisons Toward Space for the Last Time

The Space Shuttle Program, the primary means by which man has journeyed into space for the last three decades, began its final chapter this morning, launching the Shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station for the the last time. Atlantis … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Is Earth Day: Give the Planet an Actual Pat on the Back

Tomorrow is the much-ballyhooed holiday, Earth Day, created to celebrate the vast wealth of natural resources afforded to us by this gorgeous celestial orb of ours and to remind us, the lowly and humble inhabitants therein, to cherish its beauty … Continue reading

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The Day the Earth Moved

Last Friday, the world watched in horror as details of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that rattled Japan came to fold.  Although initial reports estimated death tolls in the hundreds, more recent reports indicate that actual tolls will thump those numbers, … Continue reading

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