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Edward Snowden: American Traitor or Hero?

The world of espionage has been turned on its head a bit by Edward Snowden and his startling revelations. The Obama Administration and most in the government consider him an extraordinary criminal who took treasonous actions against the interests of … Continue reading

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New Snowden Leak: NSA Taps Google and Yahoo Servers

A new report in the Washington Post Wednesday reveals that the NSA has secretly tapped Google and Yahoo’s overseas servers, this according to documents leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden. According to a top-secret accounting dated Jan. 9, 2013, the … Continue reading

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Malware Monday Got You Down? Contact Your ISP

Having trouble connecting to the Internet this morning? It very well could be a result of “Malware Monday 2012.” Today marks the expiration of the FBI’s temporary eight-month safety net after international hackers took control of more than 570,000 computers … Continue reading

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Tupac Hologram Coming to a City Near You

This past Sunday, hip hop legend Tupac Shakur delivered an almost unbelievable posthumous performance at the Coachella music festival in California, alongside rappers Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Tupac, who was shot and killed in 1996, joined Snoop and Dre … Continue reading

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Genius Stephen Hawking Admits to Having Trouble With the Ladies

Stephen Hawking, perhaps the most brilliant mind of our generation, has revealed in an interview with New Scientist magazine that there is still one aspect of the world that completely defies his understanding. Hawking, a University of Cambridge physicist and … Continue reading

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Could the God Particle Save Our Society?

The age-old battle between religion and science might soon be coming to an end thanks to researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, also called CERN. CERN, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is home to the world’s largest particle accelerator, … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin has ‘Words with’ American Airlines

Anyone who knows me knows that I am The Scrabble Master (or “TSM” for short). I take my Scrabble so seriously, in fact, that I invested in the Scrabble Diamond edition of the game a few years ago. Scrabble Diamond, … Continue reading

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Netflix is Losing Money, and I Could Be Losing Roseanne…

Netflix (NFLX), the largest online DVD rental service, has been making waves in the news lately for a variety of reasons. Most notably, the company announced in July that it would be discontinuing its most popular plan and splitting its … Continue reading

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Facebook Unveils Video Chat Feature to Better See the People From Junior High School You Barely Even Know

Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that profile pictures aren’t going to be the only way to see the person with whom you’d like to chat on his social media site. Video chatting  will now be available through … Continue reading

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Apple, Steve Jobs Unveils iCloud

Another year, another potentially monumental announcement made in an underwhelming pair of Dad jeans and a plain black tee shirt. Yesterday, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco, CEO and sharp dresser Steve Jobs announced a new system of … Continue reading

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