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Amazon Announces Release of Prime Streaming Service

Online shopping giant Amazon.com unveiled its streaming service today for members of the Amazon Prime mail-order program. Members who currently pay the $79 annual fee can now stream 5000 movies and TV show titles. Amazon has already pushed through negotiations … Continue reading

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Woot-Off in Progress: Woot-Off Alert Level Raised to RED

The tension was just too much. Something had to give. After nearly two months without a Woot-Off, and three weeks after the Woot-Off Alert Level was raised to Orange (“High”), the storm has finally broken and a Woot-Off is upon … Continue reading

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37 singals Goes on the Attack vs. Karl Rove

The awesome team of Jason Fried and David Hansson (aka 37 signals) have an equally awesome new book out, called Rework. What’s not so awesome for them is that they’re trapped behind none other than political mastermind Karl Rove on … Continue reading

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TiVo "Announcement" Takes Early Lead for Disappointment of the Year

What’s the opposite of “Wow?” We’re not sure, but whatever it is, it basically sums up our reaction to tonight’s much-hyped TiVo announcement in New York. Even the involvement of 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer (in an incredibly hokey part that … Continue reading

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