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Apple, Steve Jobs Unveils iCloud

Another year, another potentially monumental announcement made in an underwhelming pair of Dad jeans and a plain black tee shirt. Yesterday, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco, CEO and sharp dresser Steve Jobs announced a new system of … Continue reading

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White iPhone 4 Is Unleashed Upon the World Tomorrow

If there’s anything geeks love more than the release of an Apple product, it’s the release of a slightly-and-mainly-aesthetic upgrade to the Apple product they just bought six months ago. The white iPhone 4 is due to release in stores … Continue reading

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Slim and Fast: iPad 2 Is Out

Apple Inc. set the cyber-world ablaze once again with the announcement of iPad 2. Steve Jobs touted the undeniable success of the first-generation iPad in a press conference just a short time ago. He swiftly segued into the newest product … Continue reading

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All You Need is (Patience and a Willingness to Negotiate and) Love: the Beatles Finally Appear on iTunes

It only took seven years, but Apple (the computer and iPod company) has finally singed a deal with Apple Corps (the Beatles‘ multimedia company) and EMI (which owns the rights to some Beatles music following the death of Michael Jackson). … Continue reading

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RIP: White iPhone 4 (2010-2010)

We knew something was up when there was no mention of the white iPhone 4 at Apple’s press event last week and when they delayed it again until “spring 2011,” the writing was on the wall. Since Apple hasn’t failed … Continue reading

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Mac OS Lion! A New MacBook Air! FaceTime for Macs! See How Well We Predicted Apple’s Annoucement

Apple‘s announcement today was, as we predicted, chock full of action. While we’ll go into some detail below as far as things relate to our forecast, there’s no shortage of more detailed roundups to be had. Our overall impression? This … Continue reading

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What Will Apple Announce Tomorrow? We Guess, Again

Tomorrow, Apple will once again get tons and tons of free publicity for whatever they want at their “Back to the Mac” press event. All too aware that as much as we question all this publicity we also are active … Continue reading

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Almost Live Commentary on Whatever Apple’s Announcing [UPDATE: new iPods, Apple TV, iTunes, Ping and iOS 4.1]

OK, folks, Steve Jobs and Apple are about to kick off some kind of apparently music-themed announcement. While we’re usually not invited to these things, Apple’s actually providing a fancy live stream this time around, ostensibly to test their new … Continue reading

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What’s So Magic About Apple’s Magic Trackpad?

If it seems like only yesterday that Apple unveiled their latest desktop peripheral, the new Magic Trackpad, that’s because it was only yesterday. More so than any Apple product we can remember, though, we’re asking ourselves, “Why?” Ever since mice went … Continue reading

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iCade for iPad One Step Closer to Reality

It’s no secret that here at the Juggle Blog we love to predict things. Sometimes, on very rare occasions, our predictions even come true. Because we’re occasionally right, we weren’t surprised to see that one of ThinkGeek‘s April Fools’ products, the iCade … Continue reading

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