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France is Back! In Website Form!

Just like Alf, France is back! (Though not, thankfully, in Pog form.) Remember that ill-fated website they tried to launch last month? Remember how we mercilessly mocked the French both for cause and out of petty jealousy over their generous social welfare … Continue reading

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So Long, Mercury

We know we’re a little late to the party here, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to lament the loss of another proud American brand. Yes, it seems like the axe has finally fallen on Ford’s … Continue reading

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Farewell, Volvo Wagons

Yesterday, the fine folks over at Jalopnik got their hands on a Volvo memo revealing that the automaker was going to be exiting the station wagon business it has dominated for the last 50-odd years by 2011.  Today they have … Continue reading

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