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Dan Quayle’s Son Ben Calls Obama “Worst President in History,” Doesn’t Mention Worst Vice President

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4jiqYcUoOk] Son of Pot, meet Kettle. In the most hilarious irony we’ve encountered thus far this election cycle, none other than Dan “Potatoe” Qualye‘s son, Ben Quayle has unleashed what we think he thinks is a scathing campaign ad about how … Continue reading

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Biker Floyd Pink with Embarrassment in Doping Case, Makes Lance Cry Tears of Blood

Mothers for years to come will tell the cautionary, tragic tale of Floyd Landis, the guy that had it all and lost it just as famously. The disgraced former Tour de France winner stunned everyone who doesn’t work for a … Continue reading

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