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USPS Looking for Bailout

Is a life without mail any life at all? This is a question you may have to ask yourself after the USPS announced that given the rate of declining first-class mail volume it will be broke by early next year. … Continue reading

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Hard Politics: 112th Congress Begins with Promises of Inquiry and Oversight

Leading Republicans in Washington made it clear over the holiday break that they would aggressively move forward with new ideas beginning today, the first day of the 112th Congress. They’ll start with a bold move, to come up with a health care bill repeal measure … Continue reading

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Dan Quayle’s Son Ben Calls Obama “Worst President in History,” Doesn’t Mention Worst Vice President

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4jiqYcUoOk] Son of Pot, meet Kettle. In the most hilarious irony we’ve encountered thus far this election cycle, none other than Dan “Potatoe” Qualye‘s son, Ben Quayle has unleashed what we think he thinks is a scathing campaign ad about how … Continue reading

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Search our Debates

Despite the ardent objections of Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, the Juggle Team has managed to fight through the red tape and unveil our search feature for Juggle Debates. With the handy search bar now located at the top of all … Continue reading

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Health Care Summit Features Parade of Juggle Government Stars

Emerging from their usual homes of the Capitol and the White House, the nation’s government leaders gathered at Blair House to debate Health Care Reform and demonstrate the utility of Juggle’s Government section. Although the meeting was largely devoid of … Continue reading

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