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Paul Ryan: Why The Fuss?

If I toss out the names Charles Fairbanks, Alben Barkley and Joseph Robinson, what comes to mind? My bet is that these names will not ring bells for anyone. Who are these people? These were all either Vice Presidents or Vice Presidential nominees … Continue reading

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Dan Quayle’s Son Ben Calls Obama “Worst President in History,” Doesn’t Mention Worst Vice President

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4jiqYcUoOk] Son of Pot, meet Kettle. In the most hilarious irony we’ve encountered thus far this election cycle, none other than Dan “Potatoe” Qualye‘s son, Ben Quayle has unleashed what we think he thinks is a scathing campaign ad about how … Continue reading

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Wyclef Jean? The Musician? Who’s Vice President-Flo Rida?

Once again, the rumors starting to look like they’re true. Tonight on CNN‘s Larry King Live (“Where a very old man asks very easy questions”), former Fugees member and recording star Wyclef Jean will announce that he’s running for president … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday! Super Surprises!

It’s an even numbered year again, folks, and even though we won’t be electing a president in the fall, it still means it’s once again time for a “(somewhat) Super Tuesday” of primary elections. As if the votes themselves weren’t super … Continue reading

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British Parliament Hung-adelic

After three unprecedented, US-style TV debates the citizens of the United Kingdom went to the polls yesterday to select a new Parliament (and possibly a new Prime Minister, who’s actually the leader of the party with the most seats in … Continue reading

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