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Gone Before Their Time, But Not Forgotten: Google Adds, Then Removes Background Images

Sometime last night, Google got a lot more Bing-y. Overnight, visitors to google.com were suddenly presented not with the classically simple Google homepage, featuring a prominent search bar on a white background, but instead with the usual Google logo search … Continue reading

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Sega Action Chair! Lost Gaming Treasure or Something Else Entirely?

These days it’s not uncommon for rare games or pieces of gaming hardware to fetch high prices on eBay. Most of the time, these are NES or Atari 2600 games, and usually, there’s a good deal of info out there … Continue reading

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Happy 30th, Pac-Man

30 years ago today, a little game called Pac-Man debuted in Japanese arcades, and although it wasn’t a huge hit there (Space Invaders was all the rage in Japan), when it came to America later that year it became the … Continue reading

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Google Unveils Google Chrome Web Store

At the Google I/O conference today, Google unveiled the Chrome Web Store, which is–brace yourself–an online, browser-based store for web apps. Basically, it’s a centralized hub for web apps, some existing and accessible from anywhere and some exclusive to the … Continue reading

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Android overtakes Apple for 2nd Place in Smartphone Market Share

According to a report released today by the NPD Group (you know, the people who track these kinds of things), Google’s Android smartphone OS leapt into second place for smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2010, passing Apple‘s … Continue reading

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We Were Totally Right: Google Places = Google Store View

Back in February we explored the possibility of Google launching a “Store View” feature in Google Maps. It turns out we were (somewhat) right. On Tuesday, Google announced that its “Local Business Center” was becoming Google Places, and yesterday they … Continue reading

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Now Google's Getting Into the Slate Computing Game

Not that it’s a huge surprise, but despite their recent breaking of bread, former pals Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt look to still be going at it. The latest salvo is today’s New York Times story. Although it’s ostensibly about … Continue reading

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Are We Living In A Golden Age of Celebrity Mistresses?

It may seem a strange question to ask, but we may well be living in a new golden age of nearly-instant access to information on the extramarital dalliances of the rich and famous. Whether it’s today’s news of former Giants … Continue reading

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iPad Fever or Media Hype? [UPDATED]

Depending on where you hang out on the internet, it may seem like everything for last couple of days has been about “iPad this” or “iPad that.” With the launch of Apple‘s much-anticipated tablet device less than 24 hours away, … Continue reading

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Don't Say We Didn't Warn You…

So, everything we warned you about yesterday? We were right. This April Fools’ stuff is really getting out of hand. We were going to try to round it all up for you, but there’s already too much. What’s more Engadget‘s … Continue reading

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