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Justin Bieber: Laser Tag Thug or Bullying Victim?

We’ve been quiet about possible hoax and teen “musical” sensation Justin Bieber for a little while because, frankly, we didn’t think he needed the extra attention. The kid’s got enough on his plate launching his Chris Gaines-esque rap alter-ego “Shawty … Continue reading

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Cancel the Internet: Justin Bieber Uses 3% of Twitter’s Capacity

We’re not usually the kind of people who tell you the sky is falling (we’ll save that for the brain eating vaccine crowd), but you might want to sit down for what we’re about to tell you. According to designer … Continue reading

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6 Things You Need to Know About Justin Bieber’s Forthcoming “Memoir”

We’ve been trying our darndest to post even less about probable Milli Vanilli-esque pop hoax Justin Bieber, but just when we thought we were out, he pulls us back in. This time, the darling Canadian teen wowed us with the announcement of … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Will Lead the Zombie Uprising on His Segway

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAAg6ePGZUE] We knew heartthrob and music industry puppet/hoax Justin Bieber had power over his fans, but as the video above shows, things are getting ridiculous. This past weekend Justin played a show in Glendale, Arizona at the Jobing.com Arena (yes, we … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber vs. North Korea

Teen/Twitter idol (and probable hoax) Justin Bieber recently held an online vote to decide which country he should tour next. Somehow, the geniuses running the polling left every country on the table. Yes, every country. When the crazy cats over at … Continue reading

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Not-At-All Surprising News Flash: Justin Bieber Looks Just Like a 27 Year-Old Woman

Something crazy went down in Ocean City, Maryland last weekend. Of course, out in “the OC” (Don’t call it that!), crazy stuff is always going down, but this was even crazier than normal since it involved a real live celebrity. … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Gets Booted, Russell Crowe Keeps Booting

Tweens all around the world are mourning the death of Justin Bieber‘s run on Twitter‘s trending topics list (say that three times fast). The social networking site for the short-winded among us (do we even have to explain what Twitter … Continue reading

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Is Justin Bieber a Hoax?

Hey tween girls! Justin Bieber! Now that we’ve got your attention, allow us to blow your mind: Is Justin Bieber real? We can’t prove that he is. Obviously, there’s an actual (Canadian!) person named Justin Bieber, who makes a living … Continue reading

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