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LAPD’s Attempt at Evicting Occupy LA Ends Peacefully

In light of recent violent attacks by authorities against peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors around the country, one of the nation’s largest cities has perhaps set the stage for appropriate police-protestor interaction. Early this morning, the Los Angeles County Police … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Bloomsday to You, Sir

Happy Bloomsday, folks! Ok, ok, we admit we didn’t know what Bloomsday was either until about five minutes ago, but now that we do, we’re happy to observe. Bloomsday is a celebration of the life and works of James Joyce, … Continue reading

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Now Google's Getting Into the Slate Computing Game

Not that it’s a huge surprise, but despite their recent breaking of bread, former pals Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt look to still be going at it. The latest salvo is today’s New York Times story. Although it’s ostensibly about … Continue reading

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