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Happy (Tax) Holidays!

It’s that time again! As August dawns the dreaded “Back to School” time is upon us, and thought we can’t all go Rodney Dangerfield and hire the late Kurt Vonnegut to write our papers, many of us can save some … Continue reading

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Not-At-All Surprising News Flash: Justin Bieber Looks Just Like a 27 Year-Old Woman

Something crazy went down in Ocean City, Maryland last weekend. Of course, out in “the OC” (Don’t call it that!), crazy stuff is always going down, but this was even crazier than normal since it involved a real live celebrity. … Continue reading

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NCAA Basketball vs. the Rest of the Internet

If there’s one reliable window into what the Internet is thinking, it’s probably called Google Trends. It should also come as no surprise that around this time of year (a Thursday in the middle of March), a certain NCAA basketball … Continue reading

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