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Tiger Woods Has Learned Nothing

This past weekend at the British Open, Tiger Woods continued his streak of not winning golf tournaments since his numerous infidelities came to light and his marriage disintegrated. While this should surprise no one given how he’s played since his … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday! Super Surprises!

It’s an even numbered year again, folks, and even though we won’t be electing a president in the fall, it still means it’s once again time for a “(somewhat) Super Tuesday” of primary elections. As if the votes themselves weren’t super … Continue reading

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Matt Lauer (Re)Joins Tiki Barber's NBC Cheating Club

It’s been simmering for a while now, but Today Show co-host Matt Lauer’s latest bout of infidelity (he should really have that checked out) has finally boiled over. The crack team at RadarOnline reports that Lauer has left his wife … Continue reading

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Are We Living In A Golden Age of Celebrity Mistresses?

It may seem a strange question to ask, but we may well be living in a new golden age of nearly-instant access to information on the extramarital dalliances of the rich and famous. Whether it’s today’s news of former Giants … Continue reading

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