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North Korea Joins Twitter and YouTube. Nonsensical Tweets, Videos Follow.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that North Korea is the communist dictatorship that we most love to mock/ ridicule/ hate/ puzzle over, so it should come as no surprise that we’re all over the exciting news that the … Continue reading

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You Say “Website,” I Say “Differentiated Service”- Where Were You When Google and Verizon Killed the Internet?

As the New York Times reported late last week, and despite Google’s denials (which hinged on a minor technicality), Google and Verizon were indeed in agreement on a net neutrality deal/framework/policy, which they announced yesterday. Both Google and Verizon would … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Reviews Are In, and They’re Good

It’s that time again… Hot on the heels of this morning’s news that Apple will get the iPhone 4 into some customer’s hands by tomorrow morning (a day ahead of the retail release), the embargo on iPhone 4 reviews has … Continue reading

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Who’s Dumb Enough To Announce A New Product Today?

It’s not a huge secret, that later today, at precisely 10am pacific time (12pm central!) Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take to the stage at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and announce, at the very least, a new iPhone (see our … Continue reading

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Meet Your New 100 Dollar Bill

Remember the big deal around the new hundred dollar bill that was unveiled in 1996? It was new and improved and featured a much bigger Ben Franklin. A similar design has over the years trickled down through the fifty, twenty, … Continue reading

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Now Google's Getting Into the Slate Computing Game

Not that it’s a huge surprise, but despite their recent breaking of bread, former pals Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt look to still be going at it. The latest salvo is today’s New York Times story. Although it’s ostensibly about … Continue reading

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A Look Into Where You Went on the Internet in January

The BBC is running a fantastic graphical look at January’s web traffic as reported by Nielsen. It’s fascinating to have a visual reference point for just how much traffic is directed at search sites, as well has the fairly even … Continue reading

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The Guide to iPad Buyer’s Guides

In case you haven’t heard, Apple‘s iPad is now available for pre-order. Since there six possible configurations with prices ranging from $499 to $829, quite a few guides have sprung up to help you decide which iPad is right for … Continue reading

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Farewell, Merlin Olsen

Rams Nation (a Google search reveals that no one actually uses this term) mourns the loss of football legend and actor Merlin Olsen, who passed away today after a battle with mesothelioma. Olsen’s football career is beautifully remembered by Andy … Continue reading

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Paywall Fail

Last week, the New York Times announced that it would begin charging web visitors for access to its website, starting in 2011. Aside from financial papers and specialty/industry publications, no one’s really been successful putting their content behind a paywall, … Continue reading

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