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Colts Struggling Without Manning

As the daughter of an Indiana native, I was born and raised on Indiana basketball, Notre Dame football and Peyton Manning for president. As a St. Louis native, my love for the Colts and all things Manning (yes, that includes … Continue reading

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NFL All Mixed Up: RB Ronnie Brown Joins Philadelphia Eagles

Pro-Bowl stand out and former Miami Dolphin running back Ronnie Brown has signed a one-year contract with the now LOADED Philadelphia Eagles. Brown is hoping to revamp his erstwhile-brilliant career, while the Eagles have been snatching up marque players left … Continue reading

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NFL, Players Union Finally Reach Agreement For Pro Football in 2011

The NFL Players Union and the team owners finally came to an agreement Monday, paving the road for professional football in 2011. The NFL Lockout, which began way back in March, pitted the NFL Players Association against the owners of … Continue reading

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EA Sports’ “NCAA Football 12″ Video Game Releasing Tomorrow

With the NFL Lockout continuing to loom large over the collective consciousness of the sport’s fans, college football, even with its bevy of imperfections, could likely be the highest-caliber of football that will be watched this upcoming Autumn. With college … Continue reading

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NFL Draft Tonight, But Will There Be an NFL This Season?

It looks like an NFL off-season. It feels like an NFL off-season. Sure, it even smells like an NFL off-season. But is it really an off-season if there’s no season to look forward to? The pageantry seems to be in … Continue reading

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Sports Nation Watches as Yet Another Deadline Passes

It was nearly two weeks ago that the sports nation watched as the clock ticked past Albert Pujols’s negotiations deadline (that is, until after the completion of the 2011 season at which time he will test the free agent market). … Continue reading

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Week 16 NFL Picks, In Which Christmas Comes Early (Plus Week 15 Results!)

It’s only Thursday, but since the generous Juggle holiday schedule means we have Christmas Eve off, we’re running our football picks today. Lucky you! Also, for various end-of-the-year reasons, we’re taking next week off from posting altogether. This means that this … Continue reading

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Week 15 NFL Picks, In Which We Bask in the Glory of Merril Hoge (Plus Week 14 Results!)

Words we never thought we’d say: “Thank you, Merril Hoge.” Our preliminary conclusion from last week is holding, and though we’ll need the rest of the season to really confirm it, we believe that we’ve found the very best way … Continue reading

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Week 14 NFL Picks, In Which We Claim a Preliminary Victory (Plus Week 13 Results!)

Boom! That’s the sound of a huge 14-2 record last week. It’s also the sound of a “preliminary victory” in our season-long quest to find the easiest way to predict NFL games each week without actually thinking. If you recall, … Continue reading

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Week 13 NFL Picks, In Which We Clear Some Things Up (Plus Results from Weeks 11 and 12!)

Happy December. After a delicious Thanksgiving last week (made even more delicious by our 3-0 Thanksgiving game record using picks entirely our own), we’re back and more convinced than ever that we’ve found the easiest way to reliably pick NFL … Continue reading

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