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SugarHouse Opens in Philadelphia. Despite the Name, It’s Just a Casino

When we heard that something called SugarHouse was opening in Philadelphia, we were admittedly intrigued. After all, since when is the opening of a “gentleman’s club” in a large city a big deal? A city that size must have at least … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Bloomsday to You, Sir

Happy Bloomsday, folks! Ok, ok, we admit we didn’t know what Bloomsday was either until about five minutes ago, but now that we do, we’re happy to observe. Bloomsday is a celebration of the life and works of James Joyce, … Continue reading

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Noah's Ark Found in Turkey! (Next Time Try Juggle First)

The crack journalists at Rupert Murdoch‘s esteemed British tabloid, The Sun, are reporting that a team of “Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers” have found the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey. The explorers, from “Noah’s Ark Ministries … Continue reading

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Meet Your New 100 Dollar Bill

Remember the big deal around the new hundred dollar bill that was unveiled in 1996? It was new and improved and featured a much bigger Ben Franklin. A similar design has over the years trickled down through the fifty, twenty, … Continue reading

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