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Exploring Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Law

In recent years, the LGBT community and their straight allies have begun to make significant progress in expanding gay rights worldwide. Same-sex marriage is now legal in over a dozen states in the U.S., including the newly added state of … Continue reading

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50 Year Anniversary of Russian Yuri Gagarin Being The First Man in Space Before Immediately Being Overshadowed By Neil Armstrong, America

April 12, 1961 was a historic day for all mankind. Not even a half century prior, man (specifically two men, the Wright Bros.) had just begun to defy gravity by creating the first manned flying vessel in Kitty Hawk, North … Continue reading

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Sorry, US: FIFA Bringing the World Cup to Russia in 2018, Qatar in 2022

In a long-awaited announcement, this morning FIFA made known the host nations for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The US had been in the running for each, but dropped out of the 2018 running in October when it became … Continue reading

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