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What's the Deal with Flag Day? Juggle Investigates

Sometimes, late at night when we’re falling asleep, we have questions. It’s ok. Everyone does it and it’s perfectly healthy. All too often though, once we’re awake the next morning, we forget what was so important the night prior. Well, … Continue reading

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How To Watch World Cup 2010 Online, Easily and For Free

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably asking the same question we are about this whole FIFA World Cup in South Africa thing that’s kicking off this morning: “Soccer? Really? Everyone’s so excited for soccer?” In a word, yes. While … Continue reading

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Now Google's Getting Into the Slate Computing Game

Not that it’s a huge surprise, but despite their recent breaking of bread, former pals Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt look to still be going at it. The latest salvo is today’s New York Times story. Although it’s ostensibly about … Continue reading

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