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Bradshaw Takes a Seat, M.I.A. Flips the Bird: Super Bowl XLVI

Yesterday, February 5, marked the 46th annual Super Bowl, the end-of-the-season showdown between the two best teams in the NFL. If you live in America (or even if you don’t), this probably isn’t news to you; the Super Bowl (and … Continue reading

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Green Bay Headed to Super Bowl XLV

It was a turbulent NFC Championship game for the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler went out in the second half with a knee injury. Backup Todd Collins replaced Cutler who proceeded to throw four incomplete passes. Collins was then replaced by Caleb … Continue reading

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Wear Layers: NFL Gives New York (New Jersey) Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014

Bundle up, football fans! The NFL owners have just awarded Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 to New York/New Jersey. Of course, real football fans know that all the “New York” teams are really New Jersey teams, and indeed it’s the … Continue reading

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2010 NFL Schedule Announcement

At 7pm eastern (6 central!) tonight, the National Football League will announce its 2010 schedule on the NFL Network and at NFL.com. For now you can see what this season’s matchups will be (you just can’t see when they’ll go … Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan vs. E-Trade Baby: Fight!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEXZ2hfD3bU&w=560&h=340&hd=1] When we heard that someone was suing E-Trade over one of their talking baby commercials, our first thought was “Wow, it took the Baby Bob guys long enough!” However, as bitter as Baby Bob creator and executive producer Michael … Continue reading

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