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Texas Abortion Law: What’s All the Fuss?

This past summer, you probably heard about the filibuster led by Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, who stood on the floor for 11 hours to try and stop a controversial Texas anti-choice bill called SB5. What makes a Texas Senator stand for … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Neighborhood, Sam Bradford

In a move that shocked precisely no one, the Saint Louis Rams made former Oklahoma quarterback the number one pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. Since the season won’t start until September, Sam’s practically guaranteed to be the most popular … Continue reading

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Farewell, Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson, the rogue Texas congressman who nearly single-handedly brought US aid to the  Afghan Mujahideen in their war against the invading Soviets during the 80′s, died yesterday. You may have heard of him as a result of the 2008 … Continue reading

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