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World Cup 2010: USA vs Ghana

This time, it’s for real. Seriously–now that the United States has reached the 16-team, single-elimination portion of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, nearly half of what drives us crazy about soccer just magically goes away. Sure, the scores … Continue reading

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World Cup 2010: USA vs. Algeria

With less than an hour to go until kickoff here in the central (central!) time zone, it’s time once again for some quick recon on the USA‘s Group C World Cup opponent, Algeria. The good news for the US is … Continue reading

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World Cup 2010: USA vs Slovenia–Know Your Enemy!

We’re just an hour or so away from another World Cup kickoff  here in the central (central!) time zone, so what better time to learn up on Team USA‘s Group C opponent: Slovenia? (If you’re away from a TV, don’t … Continue reading

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How To Watch World Cup 2010 Online, Easily and For Free

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably asking the same question we are about this whole FIFA World Cup in South Africa thing that’s kicking off this morning: “Soccer? Really? Everyone’s so excited for soccer?” In a word, yes. While … Continue reading

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Happy 30th, Pac-Man

30 years ago today, a little game called Pac-Man debuted in Japanese arcades, and although it wasn’t a huge hit there (Space Invaders was all the rage in Japan), when it came to America later that year it became the … Continue reading

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Law & Order: RIP

One of the best things about Law & Order, aside from the fact that each and every episode is neatly self-contained, is that on very rare occasions, the team at the New York DA’s office loses the case. The series … Continue reading

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We Were Totally Right: Google Places = Google Store View

Back in February we explored the possibility of Google launching a “Store View” feature in Google Maps. It turns out we were (somewhat) right. On Tuesday, Google announced that its “Local Business Center” was becoming Google Places, and yesterday they … Continue reading

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Liberia Goes Nuts for Hockey (Jerseys)

Via Deadspin comes this article from Canada‘s National Post, which explores the proliferation of NHL hockey jerseys in the west African nation of Liberia. Though Liberians aren’t hockey fans (almost no one has a TV), they’re big fans of the … Continue reading

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Strike Gold With Juggle's Olympic Logo Mother Lode

In light of the USA’s record-setting medal haul on Wednesday, we’ve found ourselves reflecting on Olympics past and future. Luckily, our logos page is home to one of the best collections of Olympic logos you’ll find anywhere. Take a trip … Continue reading

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