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Now They'll Really Have Trouble Passing Laws: Strasburg Fever Grips DC

In 2008 the Washington Nationals posted the worst record of any team in Major League Baseball. (They would go on to repeat the feat in 2009.) Their performance earned them the very first pick in the 2009 draft the following … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Marriage: Al Gore and Tipper Gore Separate

Cast your mind back to Washington, DC, circa 1970. Richard Nixon is in the White House, and just up the road at the National Cathedral, the senior Senator from Tennessee, one Albert Gore, Sr. is attending the wedding of his only … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday! Super Surprises!

It’s an even numbered year again, folks, and even though we won’t be electing a president in the fall, it still means it’s once again time for a “(somewhat) Super Tuesday” of primary elections. As if the votes themselves weren’t super … Continue reading

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Search our Debates

Despite the ardent objections of Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, the Juggle Team has managed to fight through the red tape and unveil our search feature for Juggle Debates. With the handy search bar now located at the top of all … Continue reading

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Farewell, Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson, the rogue Texas congressman who nearly single-handedly brought US aid to the  Afghan Mujahideen in their war against the invading Soviets during the 80′s, died yesterday. You may have heard of him as a result of the 2008 … Continue reading

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